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Content is the most important brand you can give your website. Because even if you have a great name, an eye-catching logo and well-thought-out branding, it is ultimately the content that makes your web presence unique. In online marketing we speak of content: “Content is King.” This catchphrase describes a challenge that all entrepreneurs who want to win customers via a homepage face: Only those who have high-quality and unique content on their website will give their page visitors a returning memory.

In order for your website visitors to become customers and for you to achieve success with your homepage, the content of the landing page should of course be optimally tailored to your company. Our content writers are therefore happy to take you on board when developing unique content and rely on your cooperation, especially in the initial phase.

Our content writers need to know and understand your company and its history, your products and services, and your target audience detailly in order to make your website stand out among all competitors. The more information you make available to our authors, the more individual and unique we can create your content. And even beyond the initial phase, we regularly enter into a creative dialogue with you.
Please find below our content writing price table to guide you

Website content writing

Web page (200-300 words) $ 11
Web page (400-500 words) $ 16
Web page (500-600 words) $ 22
Web page (600-700 words) $ 27
Web page (700-800 words) $ 31
Web page (800-900 words) $ 37
Web page (900-1000 words) $ 45

Blog content writing rates

Blog post (200-300 words) $ 6
Blog post (300-400 words) $ 8
Blog post (400-500 words) $ 11
Blog post (500-600 words) $ 13
Blog post (600-700 words) $ 18
Blog post (700-800 words) $ 22
Blog post (800-900 words) $ 28
Blog post (900-1000 words) $ 32
Blog post (1000-1200 words) $ 40

Email content writing rates

Email message (200-300 words) $12
Email message (300-400 words) $16
Email message (400-500 words) $25

Email marketing content writing rates

Email message (200-300 words) $32
Email message (300-400 words) $45
Email message (400-500 words) $55

Sales and marketing copy

Landing page (400-1000 words) $ 85
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